The Hopeful Adoptive Parents Little Roomie

Wanted: Little Roomie

WANTED: Little roomie to share a lovely suburban home in Grapevine, TX with fun-loving family of three (two bonus adorable doggie roomies). Occupants include two loving parents and one little roomie excited to be promoted to big sister roomie and have a new playmate. Included with room: daily meals consisting of puree recipes from around the world, upgrading to solid foods over time homemade with care by mama; yard with a pool (protected by a safety fence of course), tons of toys and nearby family members to entertain you; numerous midnight hours bonding and soothing; and clothes you will probably wear once (this is okay because mama roomie loves to shop for cute little clothes).

Must be okay with travel 10-20% (current little roomie joined three years ago and has 5 passport stamps) as our family loves to explore new places and occasionally go camping when the Texas weather allows. Most importantly, little roomie must be comfortable with receiving tons of affection and unconditional love from daddy roomie, mama roomie and big sister roomie (…and from the adorable doggie roomies of course).

As for our part, Mama roomie will have lots of time to nurture and grow little roomie through extracurricular activities as she has a predictable schedule as an elementary teacher and over two months off each year to focus on the little roomie and big sister roomie. Daddy roomie offers many belly laughs and loves working on projects around the home with little roomies. Collectively as a family, little roomie will be supported to pursue their future dreams, whatever they may be.

All little applicants will be considered, including those with odd sleeping schedules, picky food tastes and constant need for attention. If this sounds good, we can’t wait to start loving you!